The Gresham Hotel, the best known hotel in Dublin, needed to provide internet access to 323 bedrooms, 19 meeting rooms and all public areas in their 200-year-old hotel with mainly concrete buildings.

Open Mesh has a perfect product, which has seen the complaints drop to zero.

Their previous WiFi solution had been built upon since 2005, and complaints from hotel guests were huge, adding pressure to get a working and reliable system.

They explored other solutions, but given that they needed to deploy dozens of access points, they chose Open Mesh to keep the cost of the project low without sacrificing quality.

The Open Mesh solution was up to the task.

In total, they installed 57 access points indoors (a drastic reduction from their previous 121 access points), and put all but 2 in gateway mode. While their previous system had no central management console, making ongoing maintenance a nightmare, they can now manage all 57 access points easily and seamlessly through Open Mesh’s cloud-based management tool, CloudTrax.

Ongoing monitoring and management can be done from anywhere through a single pane of glass. Commenting on the advantages of Open Mesh, Andrew Walker said it’s “easy to use and setup. The AC access points are perfect. The cloud controller makes life so much easier.”

Hotel management loves the new system because it works.

Previously, dealing with a customer complaint was time consuming and never fully resolved. Now the management team has full confidence when dealing with a guest who “can’t connect to the internet” because it’s typically an issue with the guest’s own device, not the WiFi network.

And best of all, hotel guests are happy.

“Feedback has been excellent from all hotel guests,” said Walker. “Open Mesh has a perfect product, which has seen the complaints drop to zero and documented feedback from guests (for example on Tripadvisor) that the WiFi network is fast, reliable and one of the best in the city.”

Photos courtesy of The Gresham Hotel.