In 2005, Clearbridge launched a cloud-based email filtering and security service called Mailshine—back before "cloud" was even a thing. They have since evolved to become a one-stop shop for small- to medium-sized businesses looking for a partner to run the essential operational components of their business including IT, Marketing, HR and Finance.

It was important to be able to offer high performance WiFi with great coverage that we could manage remotely in real-time.

4 years ago, Clearbridge starting looking for a quality WiFi solution to include in their IT managed services package.

Clearbridge’s philosophy is to help companies run the nuts and bolts of their business (what Clearbridge does best), so companies can focus on the things they do best. Clearbridge provides high value, high touch, high impact services, and they focus on creating the best experience for their customers. So when looking for a WiFi solution, it was essential to find a high quality solution they could easily manage remotely.

“It was important to be able to offer high performance WiFi with great coverage that we could manage remotely in real-time,” said Ryan Kononoff, Founder and CEO of Clearbridge. “If WiFi isn't working, the user experience is very poor, and that is something we can't put our name behind.”

They originally discovered Open Mesh through online research, and, after reading positive reviews and doing internal testing, they started deploying Open Mesh hardware. 3 years later, they now use Open Mesh exclusively for their WiFi solution and have deployed in over 20 locations.

As they deploy WiFi for each small to medium-sized business, Clearbridge’s approach is to install a generous number of access points to ensure optimal coverage and zero outages. If an access point happens to go down, automatic failover ensures traffic will be directed to a nearby access point and users won’t notice a disruption.

“People expect to be connected everywhere, all of the time. We always aim to offer great coverage wherever someone might be trying to connect from, with failovers in place by using mesh networks with redundant access points,” said Kononoff.

By generously deploying access points, Clearbridge can ensure a seamless WiFi experience and limit the number of onsite visits required to maintain a network, which is a major advantage since they manage all sites remotely. The Open Mesh price point allows Clearbridge to ensure excess redundancy is in place without blowing the budget.

To provide customers with the best possible experience, Clearbridge deploys the most recent Open Mesh model with customers, which is currently the MR1750, and they overhaul each customer’s network with upgraded hardware, always deploying the most recent access point released by Open Mesh after first testing internally.

This gives customers the most current WiFi standard, the fastest performance and best coverage. The Open Mesh pricing and licensing model, with no ongoing cloud-management fee, allows them to do this.

“Existing systems are often difficult to support, especially remotely, and often don't see regular upgrades like we can facilitate using Open Mesh,” said Kononoff. “Because of high replacement costs, legacy wireless networks tend to stick around longer, which means slower connection speeds than we provide by replacing hardware more frequently with Open Mesh. This ensures a perpetually improving network experience for our end users.”

Clearbridge customers benefit from an ever-improving network, and Clearbridge benefits from ongoing feature releases and updates from Open Mesh.

For Clearbridge, remote management is key, and through their free, lifetime license to CloudTrax, they’re able to monitor all clients’ networks from a single account. With automated alerts, most of the management is low touch.

Best of all? They’ve had little to no complaints from customers, which means customers are experiencing consistent WiFi.