Caffe Vita, an independent and locally-owned cafe born in Seattle with locations in the Pacific Northwest, NYC and LA, is a pioneer of the Farm Direct movement, meticulously sourcing the best coffee available while developing long-term relationships with coffee growers.

I switched to Open Mesh, and I’m really impressed.

They are just as meticulous when it comes to their customer experience, so when they wanted to refresh their guest WiFi solution, it needed to be a reliable, seamless experience that reinforced the Caffe Vita brand. Their IT Administrator, unhappy with the cost and pain of their previous solution, found Open Mesh.

“I switched to Open Mesh, and I’m really impressed,” said Abir Ab, IT Administrator.

Their reasons for switching to Open Mesh were pretty simple: the customizable splash page ensured they could brand the guest experience, the network was fast and easy to install, there's no licensing or recurring fees, and it’s easy to monitor and broadcast.

They have implemented Open Mesh access points in 12 locations with plans to expand to additional locations in the coming months. With the Open Mesh cloud-based management tool, CloudTrax, Caffe Vita will be able to scale painlessly, easily adding additional access points and networks. And they can manage it all through a single login to CloudTrax.

Since implementation, they haven’t received any customer complaints. Their customers benefit from free WiFi and a seamless experience with the Caffe Vita brand.

“Cool products,” said Ab. “They’re affordable, fast and easy to install and monitor.”

Through CloudTrax, they can track up-time for all their access points, make adjustments to their network and monitor bandwidth and usage. Cloudtrax is available as a web and mobile app, so they can switch between the mobile app and the full cloud controller at seamlessly.

And with no recurring fees, they have CloudTrax free for life.

Photos courtesy of Caffe Vita.