Open Mesh is now Datto Networking.

Datto Networking combines everything you know and love about Open Mesh with additional services and pricing designed specifically for Managed Service Providers.

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About Us

Open Mesh makes it easy for anyone to build enterprise-grade wireless networks across large areas or multiple locations and manage them all behind a single pane of glass.

You’ll find Open Mesh in hotels and resorts, retail and restaurants, small and medium-sized businesses, multi-family complexes, homes and pretty much anywhere else.

A leader in cloud-managed WiFi, Open Mesh helps customers manage more than 100,000 networks serving millions of wireless users around the world daily.

Our cloud controller, CloudTrax, is available to use on the web, iOS and Android to manage an unlimited number of access points and networks.

Our Story

Our story began in 2005, when we noticed a growing gap in the education and opportunities available between kids who had WiFi at home and kids who didn’t. The digital divide was real, and we wanted to help do something about it.

We needed to find a solution for low-income housing that was easy to deploy, easy to manage, incredibly reliable and didn’t cost a lot. Ideally, it could be installed by a housing manager or the community itself. We thought it should form itself, heal itself and just simply work. We met some guys from MIT with a project called Roofnet. Their solution was easy to deploy and didn’t cost a lot, but it was impossible to manage at scale. So we built a solution where access points would connect to a central server to report usage and get settings changes. Cloud-managed networking was born.

When the Roofnet team founded a company (later acquired by a much larger company) and pivoted to serve the enterprise exclusively, we were back at square one. Rather than try to find another partner, we realized we could make a bigger dent in the world if we managed the process from end to end—from hardware design to manufacturing to distribution and cloud management— and create an open platform that others could build on.

The same drive that kicked off our humble journey in 2005 continues today: build great products that just work and make enterprise-level WiFi more accessible to everyone. 

Become a Partner

Open Mesh's cloud managed, mesh networking technology opens up a world of possibilities. We partner with resellers, integrators, managed services providers and technology companies to extend services and features that compliment our products.

Become a Partner

Work with us

The Open Mesh team is based primarily in downtown Portland, Oregon. We’re always looking to team up with other talented, hard working, and detail-oriented people who can get behind our mission to make WiFi smarter and simpler.

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